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Difference between Swiss and Japanese Quality



Swiss quality watches can be traced back as early as the 15th century;

Japanese quality watches commenced much later in the 20th century.


Main features:

Swiss quality watches - known to be expensive and luxurious and feature fine quality, state of the art mechanism and exceptional craftsmanship;

Japanese quality watches - recognized as practical and economical and feature excellent quality and workmanship.



Swiss made watches have a tendency to copy exactly the exterior features of their original watches while the design of Japanese watches slightly deviate from the original. And Swiss watches have a better power reserve and require less winding while Japanese watches has chronograph features for showmanship.



Swiss quality watches must be made of finest Swiss materials and only a watch powered by a Swiss movement that was originally made by a Swiss manufacturer can be regarded as an authentic Swiss watch.



Swiss watches utilize the Swiss ETA movement made in Switzerland while Japanese watches are powered by the Miyota movement. And the Swiss ETA movement is regarded to be more precise than the Japanese movement.



Swiss quality watches are relatively expensive because of its Swiss movement of top-rated quality and the best reputation of reliability, accuracy, water resistance and shock resistance; Japanese quality watches are priced cheaply for its practical functions to a larger group of consumers.


Tips: Please keep in mind that remove your watch before taking a shower or going to any water activities for a longer life for your watch.