Rolex Submariner replicaRolex is the world’s sought after watch, and something we appreciate and trust highly. If you want to know more about Rolex, read on for 12 interesting facts:

Besides Patek Philippe, Rolex has the best resale value on the market.

Rolex rarely makes any complications and rarely makes any chronographs. 

A Rolex watch takes about a year to make, with nearly everything created in-house.

Much of the wristwatch technology that we today take for granted, was invented by Rolex.

Rolex use 904L stainless steel which is highly corrosive resistant and has a great sheen when it’s polished.

Rolex’s customer service is famous across the world for being very reliable, speedy, excellent and exquisite.

Rolex watches change very little from year to year, and so even a vintage Rolex has a contemporary appeal. 

Rolex is the single largest luxury watch company, retailing in over 100 countries and producing an average of 2,000 watches per day. 

Rolex is the first brand to have received the chronometer certificate from “Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres”, the “Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute”.

Rolex has consistently been associated with people of power and influence, and has been worn by a few American Presidents, several world leaders and numerous celebrities and actors.

Over the years, Rolex has complete control over the manufacturing of cases, movements, dials and bracelets. Rolex even makes its own gold, known as Everose, in the Rolex foundry. 

In 1936, a commission from Italian brand Panerai, asked Rolex to make some diving watches for them. They were suppliers to the Italian Navy. This was the only occasion on which Rolex made watches for another brand. It was possibly this episode that led to Rolex’s development of professional diving watches, with the Rolex Submariner replica that arrived in about 1953.