The first waterproof watch was the Rolex Oyster launched in 1926. It was not only waterproof, but dustproof and airtight too. In October 1927, English woman Mercedes Gleitze swam the channel while wearing the Rolex Oyster, completing the feat in just over ten hours. When she finished, she stated that the watch was in perfect condition, and that it was still keeping perfect time. It was a brilliant publicity for the Rolex Oyster and the start of women wearing top-quality time pieces such as Rolex watches.

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Women watches in the watch industry mostly appear with the elegant, beautiful and gentle and soft outer image. The most obvious difference between men’s and women’s watches is the size. Women’s wrists tend to be smaller and finer than men’s. Therefore, line of women’s watches have smaller bands and delicate faces. And women ’s watches tend to be smaller and lighter than watches of men. With the time development, many women with special character more and more love to wear the large sized watches just as men, to highlight their Unique personality which is different from normal people. Where there is demand there will have the market, as a result, some big dial women's wrist watch are born, combining the aesthetic feeling of all the lady watches and the big dial together. 

There are the Lady Datejust collection and other available watches that are catered to a more feminine clientele. They’re elegant, sophisticated, and – of course – all top quality. Whether you prefer gold or silver, a large face or a slim bracelet, extravagant diamonds or something a little more practical, there’s a Rolex watch to suit her personality. And for the large sized watch to be unique and handsome for the lady watches buying guide, the Rolex Submariner can be so cool to show personality, you can just consider buying the Rolex submariner replica for your large sized choice.